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It's time for your research to shine.

You have spent months or even years preparing for this. From securing funding to writing your report, I see you. Or maybe something completely unplanned just happened and it’s all hands on deck.

Regardless of how exactly you got here, you need a design partner that will make sure your research is on time to meet this moment with the expertise only you can deliver.

Transform your research and writing into a powerful communication tool.

Let’s face it, producing publications can be stressful. There are inevitably a lot of important details, people, and deadlines involved, and unlike a website or app, you can’t just edit it once it’s out there in the world.

Choosing The Bridge Studio to lead your publication design means:

  • you’re going to feel at ease and supported throughout your project;
  • your research is going to look exceptional for that special event; and
  • you’re going to save time and valuable resources (like sleep), because we’ll make sure we have a clear plan outlined from the start.

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Our Process

Working on a report design is like building a house; there are structural things to plan around and lots of little details to track. That’s why The Bridge Studio is all about process and proactive communication.

1. Project Scope + Cost Estimate

The first step is to understand the size of your project: how many pages, references, pictures, charts, graphs, and information graphics you’re expecting.

Then I’m going to ask you what your deadline is: What event, or funding deadline you HAVE to meet.

I’ll use that information to develop a statement of work and cost estimate for you to sign off on before we begin working together. If we don’t already have one in place, I’ll also send over a consulting agreement that clears us to do business together on this project and anything else that may come after it.

2. Plan

Once we get all the details down and the project fully scoped out, we’re going to make a plan. Actually, we’re going to make a Gantt chart. Having a well-thought-out plan, allows us to improvise if/when something unexpected happens.

We’ll work together to make sure it’s really clear what dates we need to hit, and who needs to be involved when. It’s up to you to consult with your team of subject matter experts, and I’ll bring the design and editorial support.

Pro tip: At a minimum, you should plan to start a publication design of 32 pages or more with no less than 6-8 weeks before your launch date to avoid rush fees. If you need to have your publication printed, include an additional 2 weeks for printing and shipping.

3. Iterate

What’s the best way to eat a whale? That’s right; one bite a time. Working on publications can be a daunting task. That’s why I like to break them up into smaller tasks.

I’ll review your brand style guide, mock up sample spreads, cover designs, and get to work on any graphics and figures we know are going to be in the report. By the time the manuscript is reviewed and copyedited for layout, I can drop it into page designs that you’ve already come to know and love.

4. Finalize + Publish

Throughout the process, we will very likely be on weekly calls reviewing the design elements of your report. When it’s time to sign off on the final product, you will have 2-3 days to look at everything in one file.

By this time, there should be no surprises except the awe and wonder of how great your research looks in publication form. It’s critical that we all bring the eagle eye to this phase before it hits the stage. I’m talking white gloves and a magnifying glass proofread.

Once you proof and approve the publication design, I export all of the necessary files, and you send it off to print or post it on your website for the world to see!


If you’re ready for a quote, let’s schedule a call and dive into the details of your project. By understanding your goals and unique requirements, we’ll be able to produce a tailored approach and cost estimate that gets you to your goal.

I've designed thousands of pages of research and technical reports. And I’ve sat on all sides of the design process, having researched and published my own writing.

Hi, I’m Michelle Fox, the creative director and owner behind The Bridge Studio. I live for the thrill of designing data-driven projects that have the power to change the world. I love unraveling big ideas and creating information graphics that effortlessly convey complex topics in meaningful ways.

If you have a world-changing technology or idea you’re getting ready to share, The Bridge Studio is in business to work with you.

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