Creative Direction

Invest in your organization's future without the overhead cost or commitment.

Just because you can do it in-house, doesn't mean you have to.

Publishing reports, branding, and web design can all be daunting tasks for even the most dynamic and skilled leaders. Not to mention knowing who to hire, when, and the project management it takes to ensure creative projects run smoothly. 

Inconsistency and inefficiency of communications and design projects can be the slow death of your organization.

Don't let funding or staffing limitations prevent you from producing the products your organization needs.

Good design improves the success of businesses, nonprofits, and governments alike. Yet, communications budgets at mission-driven organizations are notoriously underfunded, and design budgets even less so.

Some organizations have a communications director, but even fewer have a creative director. Subject matter experts and administrative staff are left to navigate creative projects without support, which can lead to burnout and overspending.

This is where The Bridge Studio comes in as your on call Creative Director. Choosing The Bridge Studio to lead the creative arm of your organization means:

  • you and your staff can stay focused on what you do best, saving you time and money;
  • you’ll have a supplementary leader on your team to ensure communications and design projects hit the strategic mark on time and budget; and
  • your communications and branding will be consistent across platforms, projects, and programs — attracting the eye of new audiences and funders.


If you’re ready for a quote, let’s schedule a call to discuss your organization’s needs. By understanding your goals and unique requirements, we’ll be able to produce a tailored approach and cost estimate that gets you the results you deserve.

Hi, I'm Michelle Fox, the creative director and owner of The Bridge Studio.

I’ve worked with mission-driven organizations since 2006 and know how to get the job done for start-up, nonprofit, and government clients.

Building communication departments from the ground up, attracting grant funding, and managing fit-for-purpose teams to deliver on audacious client goals are all things you can count on from me and The Bridge Studio.

We are here to help your organization do everything from defining your brand strategy to ensuring every detail of your project is pixel-perfect.

Let’s work together to share your thought leadership and deliver on your promise to generate real-world impact. 

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