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Bring your dream website to life with our all-in-one web design services.

Your website isn’t just a digital presence; it’s a dynamic tool that reflects and embodies your organization and its mission. At The Bridge Studio, we offer comprehensive web design services tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you need a creative director, a skilled web designer, or a project manager to oversee your entire project, we have you covered.

Why choose us for your next website design project?

Choosing The Bridge Studio means partnering with a fit-for-purpose team committed to your success. Here’s why clients trust us:

  • We have the expertise: For over a decade, we have led organizations through complex web design and development projects that launch on time and on budget.
  • Our process is clear and transparent: There’s a lot that goes into launching a new website and it’s easy for things to get lost or to feel overwhelmed. That’s why the process we guide our clients through is as thoughtfully crafted as the products we deliver.
  • Our approach is strategic and methodical: Throughout the project, we’ll clarify your strategic goals, gather feedback from stakeholders, and test our solutions early and often to ensure what we launch hits the mark.

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Our Process

Web projects are complex, complicated, and involve a lot of people and planning. Below is a very high-level overview of our process, for all website projects—big and small.

Free Consultation

Understanding your vision, goals, and requirements. Every project starts with a free consultation that we use to inform an approach tailored to your organization’s unique needs. A website can be as simple as a single branded landing page, or a robust tool that hosts hundreds of pages of content. We adapt to your specific project and offer competitive pricing and solutions that get you the results you need.

Website Project Planning

Developing a detailed project plan, timeline, and budget. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” Above all else, the planning phase of your project is one of the most important steps we’re going to take. Rather than trying to fit you into a predefined process, we’ll build a plan that reflects your strategic goals, style guides, staff resources, and budget. This will become the roadmap that guides us to your launch date.

Website Design

Creating stunning, responsive designs that embody your strategy and reflect your brand through messaging and visual identity. Design is so much more than what things look like. During this phase, we’ll dig into your messaging, and how your site is organized so, your users can easily find what they’re looking for. We’ll also gather feedback from your stakeholders and test our design solutions before we build or publish anything on the web.

Website Development

Building and testing your website to ensure it functions flawlessly. By the time we get to the development phase, you should already be familiar and confident with what we bring to life through code. During this phase we’ll work with you to ensure you can confidently add and edit content. We’ll also ensure what we build looks great on mobile devices and desktop displays through quality assurance testing.

Website Launch

Seamlessly launching your website and providing ongoing support to ensure long-term success. Once we’ve planned, designed, and built your website, we’ll be on call to make sure your launch event moves seamlessly, and we’ll be ready to jump back in whenever you’re ready to add more content and change the functionality of your site.


If you’re ready for a quote, let’s schedule a call and dive into the details of your project. By understanding your goals and unique requirements, we’ll be able to produce a tailored approach and cost estimate that gets you to your goal.

Hi, I’m Michelle Fox, the creative director and owner behind The Bridge Studio.

If you’re ready to launch a website that truly represents your brand and engages your audience, I’m here to make that happen. At The Bridge Studio, we specialize in crafting tailored web design solutions that meet your unique needs and goals.

I’ve led organizations through successful web migrations, rebranding, and redesign projects. My approach is strategic and methodical, making sure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Whether you’re a start-up, nonprofit, or government client, you can count on The Bridge Studio to deliver a seamless, personalized experience from the initial consultation to the final launch. I’ll be your creative director, project manager, and trusted partner every step of the way.

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