— America's Pledge to Step Up On Climate Action —

American cities, states, and businesses pledge
their continued support of the Paris Climate Agreement.


Rocky Mountain Institute, Bloomberg Philanthropies, California Governor Jerry Brown

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The Challenge

In October 2017, The Bridge Studio received an urgent request to deliver publication designs in time for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Conference of Parties (COP).

The urgency of this request was not due to poor planning, it was caused entirely by the inspiring and rapid response of Americans around the world who rose up to counter the Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement in June 2017.

With leadership from Michael Bloomberg and California Governor Jerry Brown, a team of over 100 individuals and organizations researched and quantified the earth-shaking response of American cities, states, and businesses. What they found is that more than 50% of the U.S. population and GDP is represented by a leader who remains committed to the climate goals outlined in the Agreement.

The Solution

The results of this research were published in the America’s Pledge report designed by The Bridge Studio. The report and accompanying executive summary booklet were presented by Michael Bloomberg and Governor Jerry Brown at COP23 to a global audience.

The urgency of this project required The Bridge Studio to quickly mobilize a team to produce illustrations, maps, information graphics, icons, and publication designs. Our planning and preparation allowed us to execute the 130-page report and the accompanying executive summary booklet in less than one week of the final text being approved.

The Impact

The report and these findings made headlines around the world: New York Times Telegraph The Guardian. Even Obama had a few things to say about America’s Pledge and the actions of so many that are presented in this report.

Download the America's Pledge report