— Using Games to Talk About Urban Climate Resilience —

Produced by

Michelle Fox, while on staff as the Director of Art + Communications at the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation

Solutions and Services

Game Design
Workshop Design + Facilitation
Design + Layout

The Challenge

The Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International, is an action research non-profit and pioneer in the space of urban climate resilience and climate adaptation.

In the early 2010’s very few organizations in the U.S. were thinking about how to adapt to climate change in cities. The challenge here was to share information about how to build urban climate resilience in a meaningful way to diverse audiences.

The Solution

We needed something that would draw people in. We also needed to keep them engaged. Presentations and lengthy technical publications weren’t going to cut it. What we came up with was a series of hands-on games.

The Impact

These interactive games brought the conversation to life. By providing a experiential learning environment these technical concepts proved to leave a lasting impression. These games were delivered in a number of ways including the exhibits lounge at TEDxMileHigh, sessions at the National Adaptation Forum, Stockholm World Water Week, a staff lunch-and-learn at the Rockefeller Foundation headquarters in New York, and guest lectures at the University of Colorado, Boulder.