— Performance Art Documentaries —

A short documentary series on the City of Boulder's Experiments in Public Art


City of Boulder, Office of Arts + Culture

Solutions and Services

Video Production

The Challenge

The City of Boulder’s Experiments in Public Art program attracted the applications of world-renowned artists. Only 10 were invited to surprise and delight the public with temporary installations and performance art. The impermanent nature of these experiments posed a challenge: how could the projects live on and be enjoyed after the installation was removed, or after the performance had ended?

The Solution

The Bridge Studio worked closely with artists Ana Maria Hernando, Markus Dorninger, Matthias Fritz, and Mary Mattingly to produce a series of short documentaries on their process and intention behind each of their experiments in public art.

"Everything at Once"

by Mary Mattingly

“I think that what we can do with art is really transformative; I think it does open up potentials for new futures. It has a lot to do with social change and how we can work together for social change by thinking about things abstractly, creatively and transformatively.” — Mary Mattingly

"Mapping Stories"

by Markus Dorninger and Matthias Fritz

“The only response to the craziness that is happening in the world is to create a global network of people who have a more positive vision of the world.” — Markus Dorninger

"Knitting Ballet"

by Ana Maria Hernando

Boulder-based artist, Ana Maria Hernando, surprised rush hour commuters by orchestrating a performance art piece that began at the University of Colorado’s Art Museum. The performance then used public transit and bus stops around the City of Boulder as its final stage. Weaving on and off the bus line, encountering people at multiple stops, this performance left commuters surprised and intrigued.