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We hold a vision of a future where all living things can live and thrive equally.


To use design, strategy, and communications to encourage understanding, collaboration, and cooperation for positive change.


The Bridge Studio's name is inspired by the long-horizon view seen from the bridge of a ship, and our branding process was inspired by natural systems and geometry. This resulted in a logomark that resembles a compass, ship's wheel, and mandala, which inspires us each day to look ahead and pursue solutions that are in harmony with people and the planet.

The Bridge Studio was founded by Michelle F. Fox in 2009.

Michelle F. Fox, Director

Michelle Fox is the Director and founder of The Bridge Studio. Her early career started in change management and business consulting, which continues to inspire her work today. Since 2006, she has worked in communications for international and domestic nonprofit organizations, think tanks, and action research groups, and she has been building her international portfolio since 2011.

She is inspired by the challenge of intercultural environments and finding ways to connect people through art. Michelle graduated with honors from the School of Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. There she earned a dual Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic design and Craft/Material Studies and minored in Art History. She continues to explore all of these areas today as she pursues a creative life of service in Boulder, Colorado.

Resilience and climate change.

Michelle’s current work is largely shaped by her experience working in communications on international urban climate resilience projects. Below is a short documentary that she produced on the role of fine craft in communities, and a publication she wrote on how we can reimagine our possible futures through a resilience lens.

— Art, Craft, and Resilience —

A short documentary and publication by Michelle Fox on art, fine craft, and resilience.

Beyond Resilience

Beyond Resilience was written, illustrated, and designed for people who want to understand what all the hype around “resilience” is about, why it’s important for communities, cities, and governments to consider, and the role that creative and visual communications can play in achieving resilience. In this publication, Michelle goes one step further and considers how an understanding of resilience and the complex system dynamics that it results from can be used to create transformative and long-lasting change in the world today.

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